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Zeiss Cell Observer SD

Image "MB_Spinning_Disc.png"Main Applications: dual-color 3d/4d spinning disc confocal imaging
Person in Charge: Alexander Kehl
Location: Building 38, Room E02f, S2-laboratory

Brief Description: This setup is a live cell imaging platform for dual-color high-speed confocal imaging using the CSU-X1 spinning disc technology from Yokogawa and two highly sensitive electron multiplying cameras. Almost the entire microscope from filter wheels to sample incubation paramters are computer-controlled via the Zeiss Zen 2011 software. The Definite Focus system from Zeiss allows for long-term time-lapse experiments without any focus drifts. In addition, the DirectFRAP unit from Zeiss is able to switch on or off fluorophores exactly at the same time by diaphragm imaging.