The integrated Bioimaging Facility iBiOs is located in the Center of Cellular Nanoanalytics (CellNanOs), a interdisciplinary research center of the  University of Osnabrück. The iBiOs provides access to advanced flourescence and electron microscopy techniques with highest spatial and temporal resolution. With respect to light microscopy, the main research focus lies on single molecule based imaging (PALM/STORM) and single molecule tracking as well as single molecule spectroscopy (FLIM, FCS). Furthermore, iBiOs has established cutting-edge techniques such as lattice light-sheet microscopy and developes new nanoparticle based methods such as upconversion microscopy and second harmonic generation microscopy in close collaboration with different research groups at CellNanOs. In electron microscopy, the EM unit establishes correlative light-electron microscopy (CLEM) approaches and 2D and 3D (cryo-)scanning and transmission electron microscopy techniques. The iBiOs provides newest protein labeling techniques and probe the application of functionalized and biocompatible nanoparticles in living cells as well as for CLEM.

Since 2017, our concept of an “Integrated Bioimaging Facility” (iBiOs) was funded as a DFG facility, providing additional support to push the application of advanced LM and EM in molecular cell biology and to disseminate the unique superresolution imaging capabilities within the framework of the closely collaborating groups within the Collaborative Research Center 944 of the Department of Biology/Chemistry.

Please, contact us to discuss if your project can be conducted at our imaging systems.

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