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Olympus TIRF 4-Line LCI

Image "BP_TIRF_4-Line_front.png"Location: Building 37, Room E26a
Main Applications: 4-color TIRF, FRAP, 4-color SMT, FPALM, STORM
Person in Charge: Rainer Kurre

Brief Description: The combination of a fully-motorized microscope, a motorized 4-Line TIRF condenser connected to powerful lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm), and a highly sensitive and fast sCMOS camera provides a powerful setup for single molecule experiments. A comprehensive software enables automated experiments and a complete control of the microscope hardware. An incubation chamber (temperature, CO2, and humidity control) provides live-cell imaging compatibility. By using a QuadView, simultaneous multicolor imaging for single molecule tracking experiment is possible. To accomplish 3D single molecule localizations and tracking, a cylindrical lens can be added to the emission light path to imprint z-information on the point spread functions. In addition, the setup is equipped with a motorized stage and a hardware autofocus for fully automated experiments (multi-point acquisitions, overview/tile scans, multiwell screenings) which require long term focus stability. The 405 nm laser cannot only be used for photoactivation in PALM but it also can easily be focused to a diffraction limited spot to conduct FRAP experiments.