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Olympus TIRF 4-Line

Image "BP_TIRF_1_Line_sideview_QV.png"Main Applications: TIRF, 4-color SMT, FPALM, STORM
Person in Charge: Rainer Kurre, Oliver Beutel
Location: Building 37, Room E26a

Brief Description: This setup is an advanced single molecule imaging system which uses total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM) in combination with powerful lasers and a highly sensitive electron multiplying CCD camera to enable super-resolution microscopy such as FPALM and STORM. By using a QuadView, simultaneous multicolor imaging is easily accomplished. This allows for co-localization and co-locomotion studies of single molecules with high spatial resolution. To follow single molecules in three dimensions, an astigmatic (cylindrical) lens can be introduced into the emission light path. The distorted point spread function of single molecule fluorescence provides three dimensional position information.