List of Objectives

These lists contain all objective available in the CALMOS.

Olympus Objectives

AcronymImmersionNACover Glass (mm)WD (mm)Installed In
UPLFLN 20Xair0.50.172.1 Olympus TIRF 4-Line STORM
UPLSAPO 20Xair0.750.170.6Olympus LSM Fluoview,
Olympus TIRF 4-Line SMT
LUCPLFLN 40Xair0.62.7 - 40 - 2Olympus LSM Fluoview
LUMPLFLN 40XWwater dipping0.803.3Olympus TIRF 3-Line
UPLSAPO 60XWwater1.20.13 - 0.210.28Olympus LSM Fluoview
UPLSAPO 60XOoil1.350.170.15Olympus LSM Fluoview
PLAPON 60XOoil1.420.170.15DeltaVision Elite,
Olympus TIRF 4-Line STORM,
Olympus TIRF 3-Line
UAPON 60XOTIRFoil1.490.13 - 0.190.1Olympus TIRF 4-Line SMT
PLANAPO 100XOoil1.40.170.1Olympus LSM Fluoview
UAPON 100XOTIRFoil1.490.13 - 0.190.1DeltaVision Elite,
Olympus TIRF 4-Line SMT
UAPON 150XOTIRFoil1.450.13 - 0.190.08Olympus TIRF 4-Line STORM,
Olympus TIRF 3-Line,
Olympus TIRF 4-Line SMT

Leica Objectives

AcronymImmersionNACover Glass (mm)WD (mm)Installed In
HC PL FL 10xair0.3-11.0Leica LSM SP5
HC PL APO CS 20xair0.70.170.59Leica LSM SP5
HCX PL APO CS 40xoil0.75 - LSM SP5
HCX PL APO CS 100xoil0.7 - LSM SP5

Zeiss Objectives

AcronymImmersionNACover Glass (mm)WD (mm)Installed In
EC Plan-Neofluar 10xair0.30.175.2Zeiss LSM NLO
Plan-Apochromat 20xair0.80.170.55Zeiss LSM NLO,
Zeiss TIRF
LD LCI Plan-Apochromat 25xoil/water/glycerine0.80 - 0.170.57Zeiss TIRF
C-Apochromat 40xwater1.20.14 - 0.190.28 -
EC Plan-Neofluar 40xoil1.30.170.21Zeiss LSM NLO
LD-Plan-Neofluar 40xair0.60 - 1.53.5 -
Plan-Apochromat 40xoil1.40.170.13Zeiss SD
W Plan Apochromat 40xwater dipping1.002.5Zeiss LSM NLO
LCI Plan-Neofluar 63xwater/glycerine1.30.15 - 0.190.17Zeiss SD
Plan-Apochromat 63xoil1.40.170.19Zeiss LSM NLO
Alpha Plan-Apochromat 63xoil1.460.15 - 0.190.1Zeiss SD
W Plan-Apochromat 63xwater dipping1.002.1Zeiss LSM NLO
Plan-Apochromat 100xoil1.400.170.17Zeiss TIRF