Online Booking System

The booking system is realized via shared calendars with a Microsoft Exchange Server (detailed instructions here). In the intranet of the Department of Biology (University of Osnabrück), microscopes can be booked via e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Entourage. On this page one can also use the calendar links below to get direct access to the microscope calendars (valid user account and password is necessary).

Light Microscopes

MicroscopeCalendarApplications LabPerson in Charge
DeltaVision EliteBC-DeltaVision2d/3d deconvolution, photo-
manipulation, FRAP
Room 67/B11 Kathrin Auffahrt
Leica LSM SP5 MB-Leica-LSM 3d/4d cLSM Room 36/106 Vera Göser
Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope BP-LLSM 4d volumetric imaging, SMT, PALM, SIM Room 38/E15d Rainer Kurre
Olympus LSM FV1000 BP-Olympus-LSM 3d/4d cLSM, FLIM, FRAP, FRET, F(C)CS Room 38/E02e Rainer Kurre
Olympus TIRF 1-Line with JPK AFM BP-Olympus-AFM correlative SMLM & AFM Room 38/E03 Oliver Birkholz
Olympus TIRF 3-Line BP-Olympus-TIRF-3-Line TIRF, dual-color SMT,
Room 38/E15c Rainer Kurre
Olympus TIRF 4-Line BP-Olympus-TIRF-4-Line TIRF, 4-color SMT, FPALM,
Room 38/E15b Rainer Kurre
Olympus TIRF 4-Line LCI SFB-Olympus-TIRF-4-Line TIRF, FRAP, 4-color SMT,
Room 38/E15a Rainer Kurre
Up Conversion Setup BP-Upconversion Up Conversion Imaging, LRET Room 38/E15e Christoph Drees
Zeiss Cell Observer SD MB-Zeiss-SD dual color 4d spinning disc
confocal imaging
Room 38/E02f Carina Kommnick
Zeiss LSM 510 Meta NLOFB5-Zeiss-2Ph-LSM 3d/4d cLSM, FRAP, FRET,
two photon imaging
Room 35/150 Rainer Kurre

Electron Microscopes

MicroscopeCalendarApplications LabPerson in Charge
Zeiss TEM LEO 912Contact Person in Charge (Cryo-) TEM, 3D TEM Tomograhy Room 38/E18 Katharina Psathaki
Zeiss TEM Libra 120 ZO-TEM-LIBRA TEM, 3D TEM tomography, elemental analysis Room 37/E35 Katharina Psathaki
Zeiss SEM Auriga with FIB (Cryo-) SEM, (Cryo-) FIB-SEM, elemental analyses FH Room SB0006 Katherina Mey (FH)

Work Stations

Work StationCalendarApplications RoomPerson in Charge
WS Imaris 3-5D Image visualization and analysis, 3D segmentation, spot and surface tracking, filament tracing, CUDA-based GPU processing Room 38/220 Rainer Kurre
WS Matlab   Single Molecule Localization and Tracking (SLIMfast), Data and Image Processing with Matlab Room 38/220 Rainer Kurre